Qixium Connect - Key Aspects

We focus on Easy:

24h a day
Via secure ways
Build and maintain
Work together / Share
Be in control of every aspect!
Of end-user(s), get them involved!

Qixium Connect - Core Features

Our core features:

2 factor authentication
Single sign-on

User/Group access
Flow engine
Auto documentation
Notifications (eg mail)
Predefined Connectors
DB to Qixium (web)
40+ out of the box connectors
(Easy) Value Mapping
Operational overview
Flow status

When will it be available?

Qixium connect will be available (for end customers) somewhere end of 2019, we aim for Q3, but….. as we all know this is not a guaranteed delivery date, and subject to change. We’re working on this platform for almost 3 years now, besides development a lot of testing needs to be done. A lot of work, where we need to have some space to get things done….

Scope4mation Focus

Our core focus is development. We develop Data Manager, Qixium and specific ‘partners services’. Their customer(s) have a need to integrate, but can’t put full focus on that, Scope4mation will focus on services around integrating the partners solutions in the best way. Besides this we deliver also directly to end-parties. We will keep fixing bugs in the Data Manager platform, but it won’t be extended on functional level anymore. All the new features will be build on the Qixium platform.

Why a new platform? And how do we upgrade?

Existing customers are currently working with the Data Manager (DM) platform. This is our on-premise version of our integration solution. Since we have re-designed and optimised the way of working, not only the look & feel changed, but also some fundamental key aspects of our DM platform. The DM technology will be prepared to integrate, in the most optimised way, with Qixium Connect. Think about connectors, all the connectors have the QiX technology embedded and can be used in the Qixium Connect cloud platform.

There will be an upgrade path, but this will be limited to a move to the new platform only. This means that you can keep using DM and can maintain current solutions, but new solutions needs to be build (or when wanted, being rebuild) in the Qixium Connect environment. Logging, insights and notifications of the DM solutions will be made available in the Qixium Connect dashboard. In this way you/your organisation will be in control from 1 central point.

I got a question!

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