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Automatically schedule rooms and services with your Outlook meetings. Our solution will keep TOPdesk Room Reservations up to date based on Outlook agendas!

“When I want to plan a meeting I first need to check my Outlook agenda for availability of each participant. Then I need to check in TOPdesk if there is a free room available for that time and book it. Then double back again to book the meeting and participants in Outlook. Not a very efficient way of working, in my opinion.”

Without the Connector

The process of booking meetings and rooms is split between two entirely separate environments: Outlook and TOPdesk.
Some downsides of this are:

  • More time consuming process because of having to do things twice;
  • More error-prone because of the many steps needed to complete the process, like:
    • forgetting to reserve the room in TOPdesk;
    • forgetting to place the meeting in own agenda.
  • Rooms left booked unnecessarily because of cancellation.

With the Connector

Plan your meetings and book your rooms directly from Outlook and our solution will do all the other necessary legwork for you.
Some advantages:

  • Less time spent going through the booking process because of less steps required;
  • Everything can be managed from Outlook.
    • Translates into less prone to errors in bookings;
    • Reserved rooms free up automatically if meeting is cancelled.


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