Interested in a easy integration with BlackBoard? This is possible with our BlackBoard Connector. We support all common transactions to create users, courses and registrations. Courses can be created via our web service especially built (and supported) for BlackBoard!


Do you want to know more about the technology behind this connector? Take a look at our support page, click here !


The initial setup of a link is not the challenge, ensuring that all information is exchanged synchronously, that is the challenge! Nowadays each supplier has a well documented API and / or connection possibility, but it’s about the complete picture. How does the information flow and how do I make optimal use of this? With our approach and Data Manager we provide this information, this makes it possible to take a look at it from different angles.

Do you support?

The connector developments often go so fast that we do not always manage it to properly describe / provide all details on our website. If you have a question and your answer / scenario or option is not there: Feel free to contact us via the chat button at the bottom of the screen or contact us via our contact form ! We’re happy to get in touch with you!