Do you also experience the challenge of double person registration and administration between AFAS and TOPdesk? When a person and company is registered in AFAS, you would like this to be automatically synchronized with TOPdesk.  With our AFAS - TOPdesk solution this is possible!

AFAS Persons & Branches

Most of the time these activities needed to be performed manually:

– Register people and organizations

– Keep track of mutations

– Lock peoples account(s) when they leave the company (offboarding)


AFAS is often the starting point within organizations for HR related activities. When an employee is registered within an organization, it will be registered at first in AFAS. Besides this, all customers and suppliers with their contacts are also registered in the AFAS CRM module.


Are you manually creating persons and organizations in TOPdesk? Wouldn’t it be better if a simple service takes care of this? Our solution ensures automatic synchronization between organizations in AFAS with branches / organizations in TOPdesk and persons in AFAS with persons in TOPdesk. Every AFAS source field that is available, can be transferred! Besides this we automatically link a person to its organization.

On the market there are IAM solutions available, these deliver (most of the time) loads of functionality and are based on an enterprise costs level.  Therefore, in most cases it is not achievable to use these systems for only this functionality.

With our service this is possible! Based on our expertise and supported by our technique, we guide you through the entire process to synchronize your AFAS people and organizations with TOPdesk. This sounds simple and with our support it is simple! No need to have or be involved with long and implementation processes, we deliver what we promise for a price per month and a fixed startup fee for the initial setup phase.


Would you like to have more functionality automated between AFAS and TOPdesk? We are happy to support you with maintaining contracts, projects etc. in sync between AFAS and TOPdesk (or other sources/targets). If you register hours in TOPdesk and you would like to process them automatically to AFAS, we’re the ones to assist you with this!

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