We often encounter the scenario that customer (IT) services are provided on the basis of components (assets). These components are registered within TOPdesk and often manually synchronized with AFAS. As far as possible, organizations try to organize process this in a manual way, often this is enthusiastically started, and the initial setup is a success. But if the numbers increase, this becomes a more challenging task, which often ends in an unsynchronized source/target environment.

The result of this is that due to this poor synchronization it will be difficult to charge the costs to an (end) customer or within the organization. This will rather be based on assumptions then on real numbers (assets).

In addition to registering assets, tracking and registering time is also important. TOPdesk can be used to register this perfectly. The discipline to do this is 1 of the quality aspects, but when this time is registered correctly, it is necessary to process this to AFAS, this to get it billed to the customer. Often this is a challenging task if you have not automated this, the same problems can occur as described with assets. By registering this in TOPdesk, this is automatically processed in AFAS and the registrant only has to register this in one place. This registration can lead to an invoice and / or hours registration for the employee in AFAS.


Using our solution, you can easily synchronize components (assets) from TOPdesk to AFAS and also transfer the registered billable time to AFAS. Based on our expertise and supported by our technique, we guide you through the entire process to synchronize your assets and time writing (invoicing). This sounds simple and with our support it is simple! No need to have or be involved with long and implementation processes, we deliver what we promise for a price per month and a fixed startup fee for the initial setup phase.


Would you like to have more functionality automated between AFAS and TOPdesk? We are happy to support you with maintaining contracts, projects etc. in sync between AFAS and TOPdesk (or other sources/targets)! This solution is part of our integration story. If you are curious please contact us trough our contact form or our chat!