With the 4Me connector we can build a seamless integration between (most of the time) operational data and 4Me. Think of synchronizing your Server and/or Workstation Assets. In principle, we can integrate everything that the 4Me application offers us (using their API).


We have a partnership with 4Me. 4Me integrations are only delivered directly via 4Me. 4Me can be contacted via their website, they will inform you about the possibilities!


The initial setup of a link is not the challenge, ensuring that all information is exchanged synchronously, that is the challenge! Nowadays each supplier has a well documented API and / or connection possibility, but it’s about the complete picture. How does the information flow and how do I make optimal use of this? With our approach and Data Manager we provide this information, this makes it possible to take a look at it from different angles.

Do you support?

The connector developments often go so fast that we do not always manage it to properly describe / provide all details on our website. If you have a question and your answer / scenario or option is not there: Feel free to contact us via the chat button at the bottom of the screen or contact us via our contact form ! We’re happy to get in touch with you!