Functoid - MaskOrIP2Integer

MaskOrIP2Integer Functoid

Description: The MaskOrIP2Integer Functoid is used in combination with a special type of join to associate IP adresses with other values like Locations. We assume that: The MaskOrIP2Integer Functoid is connected to the IP address of the table that contains device and IP address information and a MaskOrIP2Integer Functoid is connected to the IP Mask of the table that contains the mask and location information In the next diagram task the two tables, now both containing the output of the MaskOrIP2Integer fields, will be joined by that 2 fields. The join type will be "Matches subnet" Inputs with their allowed values:

Picture of the MaskOrIP2Integer Functoid

Remark: None. Example: Diagram task 1 with Table1 and MaskOrIp2Integer Functoid1 See Figure 1.

 Figure 1

Diagram task 2 Table2 and MaskOrIp2Integer Functoid2 See Figure 2.

Figure 2

Diagram task 3 with the results of Diagram task 1 and Diagram task2 Create a join from addressvalue to maskvalue. Double click on the join and from the operator value list select the "Matches subnet" option as shown on Figure 3. See Figure 3.

Figure 3

Use the Import and View Last button to see the results as shown on Figure 4. See Figure 4.

Figure 4