Functoid - MakeNull

MakeNull Functoid

Description: The MakeNull Functoid can set Value to NULL in the database, regarding the Condition. Usually a Functoid outputs an empty value in the database. NULL implies that there is no data whatsoever as value. The Condition has 3 options; 0, 1 or an empty string. If the condition is 0 it will output Value, if it's 1 it will always output NULL. When it's an empty string, the Functoid looks at the Value. If that value is empty it will output a NULL, if it's not empty it will output Value. Inputs with their allowed values:

Picture of the MakeNull Functoid

Remark: The output of the MakeNull Functoid can not be used as input for another Functoid in the same diagram. Example 1: See Figure 1.

Figure 1

Example 2: See Figure 2.

Figure 2