Aggregate - MaxStr

MaxStr Aggregate Functoid

Description: The MaxStr Aggregate Functoid will return the highest alphanumeric value within the records provided to the input Field for the entire table or in case that a group functoid has been used the highest alphanumeric value of the records within each group. Inputs with their allowed values:

Picture of the MaxStr Aggregate Functoid

Remark: Important: The MinStr and MaxStr Functoids are dependent on country specific settings. This means that the use of a MinStr or MaxStr Functoid can yield different results in for example a French orientated environment (Language and Country settings) compared to an English oriented environment. This is because the values for characters can be denominated differently for each language set. Example: Example 1: Table with group by
Group By Values Result of MaxStr
Group1 abcd Zz
Group1 Zz Zz
Group2 zZ zZ
Group2 01234 zZ
See Figure 1.

Figure 1

Example 2: Table without group by
Group By Values Result of MaxStr
None abcd Zz
None Zz Zz
None zZ Zz
None 01234 Zz
See Figure 2.

Figure 2