Aggregate - List

List Aggregate Functoid

Description: The List Aggregate Functoid will return one row containing the values provided to the input Field of all the rows within the table separated by the character as defined in the input Separator. This can be considered an opposite to the Transpose Functoid. Inputs with their allowed values:

Picture of the List Aggregate Functoid

Remark: None. Example: For our example we will be considering the following source table contents, which more or less is a simple list of transactions specifying the amount involved and through which medium or method the transaction has taken place: See Figure 1.

Figure 1

Based on this table we want to have all the individual amounts summarized into one field per transactiontype. To accomplish this, the solution should look like the following: See Figure 2.

Figure 2

Please note that the seperator we specified in the List Aggregate Funtoid is ",". The result of this solution in conjunction with the source table should resemble (with Diagram Properties Destinct Output enabled): See Figure 3.

Figure 3