License Management Tool

The License Management Tool is designed to make a product activation really simple. After the installation the tool will automatically launch (if you have this checked). If you want to change or add licenses when Data Manager is already installed, you can start the tool from: Start >> All Programs >> S4M Data Manager >> License Management Tool. If you've just installed Data Manager using our installer, there are no licenses activated. You have to import them manually. This process is really easy by clicking on the "Import" button at the top left corner. When the dialog appears, you can navigate to the license files that you received from us by email. The license files are recognizable by their ".lic" extension. Once you've found the files, you can select them all (hold Ctrl to be able to select multiple files). If all licenses are imported correctly, you will receive a message saying that the import is complete. Then in one of the tab pages the license will appear (depends on what license you have imported). If everything is imported correctly and the license is valid, a green label will appear saying: "Active". This indicates that everything is ok. There are a few other possibilities, though.
There are 3 different colors:

Figure 1: "License Management Tool"