DM Prerequisites

System Support 

Operating System
The platform Data Manager only runs on the Windows platform, agents can be installed on Unix/Linux. We support the following operating systems:

Data Manager is supported to be hosted within a virtual environment or to be installed on a physical server.

On Premise/Cloud
Data Manager is supported to run on premise and in the cloud. When installed in the cloud configuration/usage of some components (not webbased gui's, at the moment ETL+ and GenericWS) have to be done locally. The system can be 'called' from the cloud via SOAP or REST based webservices.

Database Support

Even though we support remote databases and cluster configurations, our advice is to install the complete platform, including MS SQL database server, on one system.

The Data Manager platform supports 2 types of Authentication:

Remote database support
Data Manager supports being installed on a remote database. Please take these notes into account:

In some occasions you even need 2 connections. If you want to connect to MySQL for example, you'll need to configure and allow 2 connections, 1 from the MS SQL remote database server and 1 from the local Data Manager application server.

MS SQL Cluster support / High Availability
Data Manager is supported on an MS SQL Cluster environment. Even though we support this, please be aware of the notes below, before installation.

Microsoft SQL Server versions
Data Manager is only supported on the MS SQL server platform. We support all the MS SQL types available (e.g. standard, enterprise and express).

Is Microsoft SQL Express supported? Yes. Our platform can be installed on Microsoft SQL Express Edition (free version of MS SQL). It can be downloaded here. Please be aware of the limitations of this version. We recommend using the SQL_Latin_General_CP1_CS_AS collation.

Required Software & Components

The following components are required to complete the installation of Data Manager

System requirements

When the Data Manager applications and databases are installed on the same server, the specifications need to be combined (eg memory needs to be 32gb when Data Manager application and database reside on the same server).
NOTE: the group policy "System Cryptography: Use FIPS compliant algorithms for encryption, hashing, and signing" has to be either "Not Defined" or "Disabled" on the application server for the installer to work. The system requirements as stated, are based on a dedicated installation of the Data Manager application server and the Data Manager database server.

Application Server
Hardware minimum specifications for the Data Manager application server:

Database Server
Hardware minimum specifications for the database server:

Recommendation: In general it is a good practice to install separate physical drives for the database files and the database transaction logfiles for best performance. The recommended transaction logfile method is Simple. This will reduce the amount of disk space required for the transaction log files.

Default port numbers

The following ports are used by Data Manager by default:

If you've got any questions regarding these pre-requisites, please contact us!