Cleanup log files Tool + Description

This tool has been made for Cleaning the log files in DM. There are issues known that the files are getting to big. With this tool you can clean them and schedule the cleaning process so you only have to set it up once.

Follow this step by step guide about how to setup and use the tool:

1. Download the Tool here.

2. Place the zipped tool on the DM server

3. Extract the tool

4. Open the config.json with a text editor

5. fill in the config.json use the table down below for help.

Config Items Options Explanation Example




Here you fill in the path it takes to get to S4M_DM C:\\
timerInterval 0 - 365

Here you fill in after how many days you want the tool to delete the logfiles

Recommended: 50-100

useLogServer True or False False False
consoleMode True or False

You can schedule the tool or just run the .exe by hand every time you want to clear the log.

Recommended is to put this on False and follow the next part of the guide


6. Now the option consoleMode is set on false. We need to install the program as a service.

7. Open an cmd window as administrator and navigate to the tool.

8. Execute the following command: LogCleaner.exe -install

9. Go to the services panel and start the service.


10. It will now execute the tool when the timer interval is over. So if you have configured that on 50 it will run the tool automatically in 50 Days.